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Families Continue to Struggle To Find Baby Formula

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 5, 2022 4:44 am

Families Continue to Struggle To Find Baby Formula

LAS VEGAS – At the height of the holiday season, the hunt for families in need of baby formula continues.

Earlier this year, manufacturers such as Abbott Nutrition recalled three different varieties of infant formula, including Similac, Alimentum, and Elecare, resulting in a scarcity.

While the supply of these products has considerably risen since the major recall, households are still struggling as the new year begins.

According to US Census data, adults in more than a third of families with infants who use formula were still having difficulty finding formula as of mid-November.

Many people believe the shortage is caused by customers hoarding for fear of running out again, but inflation and the effect of the supply chain remain the most important factors.

Cindy Riley, a mother of three from Las Vegas, recalled how difficult it was to find things at the start of the year. She told 8 News Now that as a result, she has done her best to assist people in need.

Riley explained, “I would buy for myself and a buddy who was on formula at the same time, so I ended up giving her quite a bunch.” “It appears that purple Enfamil is still tough to find.” That was the first one I lost.”

Riley also stated that following the initial recall in which newborns became ill with bacterial infections, she is constantly concerned that it would happen again while feeding her six-month-old.

Douglas Tanita, a Henderson women’s care doctor, said he handles a lot of prenatal care for expecting mothers. This is a big worry, and the paucity of resources has become apparent in recent months.

“We do have formula salesmen who come into our office and leave us formula, and we normally provide samples to our patients, and then these corporations want to promote to these soon-to-be mothers.” But I haven’t seen a representative in our office in a long time,” Dr. Tanita noted.

Although it is unknown how long this current baby formula scarcity will endure, the FDA and manufacturers are striving to enhance supply.

In terms of resources, social media platforms such as Facebook and LV can be invaluable. You can join the Baby Formula Locator group to help you find products.

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