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Family Seeks Answers After School Bus Driver Allegedly Hits and Drags Dog Through Neighborhood

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 25, 2023 9:34 pm

LAS VEGAS – A tragic event has left a family seeking for answers as they mourn the loss of their cherished dog. On Thursday, August 17, in a gated community near Hualapai and Sunset, a Clark County School District (CCSD) bus driver allegedly struck and dragged a dog without halting through the neighborhood.

Marisa Robinson, a resident of the cul-de-sac where the tragic event unfolded, shared the emotional toll it has taken on her family, particularly her 16-year-old daughter who had to witness the aftermath as she returned home from school.

Robinson and her neighbors expressed their frustration that it took nearly five hours to remove the dog’s body from the scene. The dog, named Romper, lost his life right as school children were arriving home from their day.

Calling for accountability, Robinson urged CCSD to take responsibility for the actions of their employee that caused distress within the community.

Surveillance footage captured by a neighbor documented the heart-wrenching moment when the CCSD bus driver allegedly struck Romper. The footage showed the bus shaking and dragging the rottweiler.

According to a report from Clark County Animal Protection Services, a witness waiting for the school bus to drop off her child heard unusual sounds from the bus. Initially, she mistook it for a trash bag, but upon closer observation, she saw the dog being dragged beneath the bus.

Neighbors worked together to shield the graphic scene by covering the dog’s body with a large rug.

In a statement given to 8 News Now, the owners of Romper expressed their deep grief over the loss and thanked their neighbors for the support they’ve received during this difficult time. They revealed that Romper had escaped from their home due to a malfunction in the electronic keypad on the door.

When approached for a response regarding the dog’s tragic demise, CCSD acknowledged the incident but declined to comment on whether the driver faced any repercussions. The community remains distraught as they seek answers and justice for Romper’s untimely and heartbreaking death.

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