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Beloved Las Vegas Neighborhood Peacock “Pete” Tragically Killed by Bow and Arrow, Authorities Investigate

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 25, 2023 10:24 pm

LAS VEGAS – The cherished neighborhood peacock named “Pete” was discovered killed by a hunter’s bow and arrow in a close-knit Las Vegas neighborhood. Pete, a beloved fixture of the small gated community, had become a beloved companion among the locals, renowned for his lively personality and distinct interactions.

Animal Protection Services officers are currently leading the investigation into Pete’s death, as the community mourns the loss of their feathered friend. The incident has left residents devastated, prompting a search for the individual responsible for the heinous act.

Felicity Carter, a neighbor who discovered Pete’s lifeless body against a fence, expressed her disbelief and grief over the senseless act. With the help of compassionate neighbors, Pete was rushed to a veterinarian specializing in exotic pets, but tragically, he had sustained multiple arrow wounds.

Carter and others in the neighborhood reminisced about Pete’s charming habits, like admiring his own reflection in parked cars and making his presence known during mail deliveries and landscaping work. Pete’s unique personality made him a beloved part of the community, and his absence has left a void that’s deeply felt.

Pete’s journey to becoming a neighborhood icon was an unexpected one. Years ago, he appeared on the doorstep of a resident, who decided to adopt and care for him. Over time, Pete’s presence became a fixture, and neighbors joined in looking after him.

As the investigation unfolds, the neighborhood is banding together to seek justice for Pete. The homeowners association has called on residents to review their surveillance footage, hoping to find any leads that might help identify the perpetrator.

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