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Former Public Official Accuses Real Estate Firm of Framing Him in Reporter’s Murder Trial

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 17, 2024 2:12 pm

Las Vegas, NV – In a dramatic turn of events, the former public official accused of killing Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German, Robert Telles, claimed in court on Tuesday that local real estate firm Compass Realty framed him for German’s murder. The surprising allegation came during a hearing before District Judge Jerry Wiese.

“I believe that Compass Realty framed me for Mr. German’s murder,” Telles asserted during the hearing.

Compass Realty’s owner, Takumba Britt, was contacted for a response. Initially, Britt expressed the need to consult with his attorney before commenting. In a text message on Tuesday night, he stated that he would provide a response on Wednesday morning.

The court hearing was convened in response to Telles’ motion to have the judge in his impending murder trial, District Judge Michelle Leavitt, removed. In the motion filed in December, Telles claimed that Judge Leavitt is favoring the Clark County District Attorney and the Metropolitan Police Department.

Acting as his own attorney, Telles repeatedly emphasized “deep-seated favoritism” to describe what he alleged is Judge Leavitt’s continued violation of his constitutional rights and intentional misconduct. Telles claimed that the judge’s bias against him was evident in several decisions that went against him as the case progressed toward trial.

“As you can see, there’s no doubt that Judge Leavitt has a deep-seated favoritism because it has already resulted in numerous unfair and fair judgments,” Telles said during the hearing.

In response to Telles’ motion, Judge Leavitt filed an affidavit on December 22, stating, “I have no actual or implied bias or prejudice against Mr. Telles.”

Authorities allege that Telles, the former Clark County public administrator, fatally stabbed Jeff German outside German’s home in September 2022. Telles has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. The motive, as per prosecutors, stemmed from articles German had written about Telles’ conduct as a public official.

Telles’ claim of being framed is part of his effort to explain why he believes the judge is acting with bias against him.

Deputy District Attorney Christopher Hamner, responding to Telles’ statements in court, declined to comment, stating that Judge Leavitt’s written response speaks for itself.

Telles had previously attempted to have Judge Leavitt removed from his case, filing a similar motion that was dismissed in March 2023.

The hearing also brought up Telles’ objections to Compass Realty during his time in office when he contested efforts by a Compass agent to take charge of probate cases in Clark County. Telles argued that he had a higher priority under Nevada statute.

The court records reveal Telles’ persistent claims, including the assertion that prosecutors planted “overwhelming evidence” against him and that his DNA found under German’s fingernails was manipulated.

“I believe that if you do not disqualify Judge Leavitt, respectfully, I think that it’s going to send a message that, you know, money can buy anything, even the wrongful conviction of an innocent man who is just trying to stop crime,” Telles stated during the hearing.

Judge Wiese did not make a final decision during the hearing, stating, “I’m going to take it under advisement. I’ll get you a decision probably in the next week or so.” The proceedings continue to unfold with heightened tension surrounding Telles’ accusations and the impending murder trial.

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