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Grasshoppers Are Returning

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, September 27, 2022 1:12 am

Grasshoppers Are Returning

LAS VEGAS – At the end of July 2019, swarms of locusts stormed Las Vegas, taking over the strip and blocking out streetlights. They may return at any time.

They were “just chirping and chirping and chirping at a really shrill frequency,” as one Hendersonite put it.

Nash spent hours attempting to track down the source of the commotion in her Henderson house, but in the end, she determined that a swarm of insects had invaded her air ducts, garage, and laundry room.

So, she added, “I called a pest control service to get their take on the situation, and they said there’s nothing they can do; you can’t manage them with a service since they’ll continue to come.”

Sightings have occurred outside of Henderson as well. These bugs have been spotted by locals in the Thomas and Mack parking lot at UNLV as well as in North Las Vegas, Mountains Edge, and Summerlin.

Do you think another infestation might come to Las Vegas? Marija Minic, a field biologist, has indicated that this is plausible.

Minic said, “I think 2019 was a different year since it was dryer.” More rain and stronger monsoons this year make me skeptical that things will become too severe, but anything is possible.

According to Minic, the thriving population of grasshoppers can be attributed to a combination of factors, including a shift in climate conditions and the availability of food supplies like other smaller insects and plants. She warned that it would be unsurprising if the grasshoppers stayed for a while.

Grasshoppers, locusts, and crickets, all of which have short life spans, are a common source of nutrition for several species of birds and lizards.

If you happen to come across any of these insects, Minic advises you to leave them alone.

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