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Horticulturalist Offers Tips to Reduce Tree Pollen Allergies in Las Vegas

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, April 16, 2023 2:13 pm

LAS VEGAS – As spring arrives in Las Vegas, warmer weather also brings allergies for many residents in the valley.

Due to the high levels of pollen produced by certain trees, Clark County has banned the planting and sale of mulberry and olive trees for over 30 years.

However, some residents, like Karen Hernandez, still have these trees in their backyards due to living in older areas. The effects of environmental allergies, such as red itchy eyes, sneezing, and coughing, can be a nuisance, making simple outings like a trip to the park uncomfortable for allergy sufferers.

Horticulturalist Norm Schilling suggests maintaining existing trees by using a high-pressured nozzle to spray water on them to reduce pollen.

While fruiting olives and male mulberry trees are banned, fruitless olive trees are still permitted as they produce flowers but not pollen.

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