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Las Vegas Teenager Arrested for Attempted Murder, Social Media Evidence Plays Key Role

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 6, 2024 1:06 am

Las Vegas, NV – An 18-year-old Las Vegas resident, identified as Mikeem Davis, has been arrested for attempted murder and related charges stemming from a June 2023 incident. The arrest was aided by crucial evidence discovered on Davis’s Instagram account, highlighting the growing role of social media in criminal investigations.

Incident Details:

  • In June 2023, police responded to reports of a shooting in Las Vegas.
  • Witnesses described seeing a Hispanic male victim stumble away, bleeding, and reported a fleeing suspect.
  • The victim, transported by family to the hospital, was uncooperative and sustained nine gunshot wounds, including one that resulted in the loss of an eye.
  • Investigators found the suspect’s phone at the scene and utilized neighbor’s Ring camera footage to gather evidence.

Social Media Leads:

  • Analysis of the recovered phone and Davis’s Instagram account revealed video and photos related to the incident, timestamped at 9:58 p.m. on June 13th.
  • This evidence linked Davis to the scene and the firearm used, identified as a ghost gun.

Investigation & Arrest:

  • Despite initial uncooperativeness from the victim, police investigation continued, leading to a witness and a suspect lineup in January 2024.
  • Davis was identified immediately from the lineup and arrested on January 8th.


  • Attempted murder
  • Battery with a deadly weapon
  • Robbery with a deadly weapon

Additional Information:

  • The incident is believed to be related to a robbery attempt involving a ghost gun purchase.
  • Police obtained warrants to search Davis’s phone, social media, and iCloud accounts, uncovering further incriminating evidence.
  • This case demonstrates the increasing importance of social media evidence in criminal investigations.

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3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Teenager Arrested for Attempted Murder, Social Media Evidence Plays Key Role

  1. The evolution of “ghost guns” to the liberal observer is a horror that became tenfold! Not only does the innocent liberal imagine hypothetical rifle attack, but “ghost gun” borne rifle attack gives the petrified liberal the impression his attacker is an actual monster!

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