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Man Dies from U.S. 95 Crash, Leaving Dogs in Limbo

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, April 18, 2023 1:38 pm

LAS VEGAS – David Kingsley, the man who was hospitalized and critically injured after a crash on U.S. 95 north near Jones Boulevard last Wednesday, has died. The news of his passing was confirmed by his family on Saturday. Kingsley’s dog, Nikita, and her seven puppies were taken to The Animal Foundation following the accident. Since then, a conflict has arisen over who will take care of them.

Kingsley’s grandson, Dominic Garcia, has been working to get the dogs back home. “I told him I’ll take care of Nikita and her pups. Instead, I’m having to do a circus act to even see her,” he said in a statement to Channel 13.

The passing of the owner means that The Animal Foundation must determine the next of kin, and it is currently aware of three individuals who are relatives. The agency also said the dogs are still in a 10-day hold put in place by the Las Vegas Animal Protection Services.

In response to the situation, Las Vegas Animal Protection Services released a statement, saying that the owner was not a licensed breeder in the City of Las Vegas. City ordinance 7.14.040 states that the offspring of animals that have not been spayed or neutered as required by this chapter are subject to forfeiture, following which they may be given to the care of a local shelter for adoption.

Due to the age of the puppies, it is in the mother’s and the puppies’ best interest to stay together and enter foster care until they are weaned. The mother can then be spayed and returned to the next of kin. Once the puppies are old enough to be adopted, should the family want to adopt them, they would undergo the Foundation’s adoption process.

The situation has left Kingsley’s family in a difficult position, as they try to navigate the legal and bureaucratic hurdles necessary to bring the dogs home. Despite the challenges, they remain committed to caring for Nikita and her puppies and hope to be reunited with them soon.

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