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Mesquite Police Officer Was Detained for Dui While Driving Patrol Car

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 3, 2023 5:26 am

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (702 Times, NV Globe) – On November 13, while driving a police car, a detective with the Mesquite Police Department was detained and charged with DUI, according to reports on Monday.

At after nine o’clock that evening, an Arizona Department of Public Safety trooper stopped over Detective Gustavo Garcia, 35, after witnessing him weaving between lanes close to mile marker 68 on Highway 93.

The caller said that the motorist, Garcia, was traveling on the interstate outside of Kingman, Arizona, at a speed of roughly 30 miles per hour. The 65 mph posted speed restriction applied.

“As I first made contact with the driver, I could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver’s side area of the vehicle. I observed the driver’s eyes to be watery and red,” the trooper stated in the report.

Garcia was having problems finding in his own wallet when the trooper asked for identification, proof of registration, and insurance. A police badge was sewed onto an outer carrying vest, which the trooper then saw.

He enquired as to Garcia’s status as a law enforcement officer. Garcia affirmed.

Garcia was instructed to exit the car, so he took off the brake, and the car started to move. Garcia’s waist was where the trooper discovered a weapon after searching.

“Garcia began staggering as he was walking and appeared to have difficulty keeping his balance,” the report states. Another trooper arrived and helped Garcia keep from falling over.

Garcia was requested to participate in several field sobriety tests by the trooper. Garcia was detained after refusing.

The Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee bottle was open and in the center console when the trooper entered the vehicle. It was just 25% filled.

There were no empty beer bottles in the car, only one orange Shock Top bottle cap. Shock Top was discovered in an unopened bottle in the right rear passenger compartment. To paraphrase the Jägermeister himself, The police vehicle was towed.

The car also included bulletproof vests, helmets, and a less deadly shotgun, which were all discovered by the police.

When asked about his rights, Garcia ultimately acknowledged them and consented to a breathalyzer test at the Kingman Police Department. He objected to blowing into the gadget after it was finished.

Garcia consented while the trooper, a certified forensic phlebotomist, extracted the blood sample according to a search warrant. After that, Garcia was lodged in the Mohave County Jail.

Garcia’s blood tests showed a blood alcohol level of.24, which is three times the legal limit. It is uncertain when he will appear in court again.

Following the arrest, Mesquite Police Chief Maquade Chesley issued the following statement:

Anytime a police officer violates the law, it is wrong, painful, and very discouraging. Their activities not only violate the public’s confidence but also harm the standing of our whole profession.

A situation like this might serve as a reminder of the humanity of police officers, but that in no way justifies their actions. They must be held responsible for their illegal activities, just like any other individual who commits a crime. Officers must also adhere to a higher standard of ethics. The officer was promptly placed on administrative leave while our department launched an internal inquiry and awaited the results.

Credits: Fox 5 Vegas

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