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Muffled Boom Startles Residents in Sunrise Manor Area

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, May 7, 2024 9:27 am

A loud boom rattled homes in the Sunrise Manor area, near Charleston and Nellis, on April 25th. Resident Kevin Laatz awoke to the sound just after 11 pm, mistaking it for lightning at first. However, the lack of rain and activated car alarms quickly convinced him otherwise.

Laatz captured the incident on multiple security cameras. The flash and boom were similar to what residents in Henderson’s Lake Las Vegas area experienced a few hours after the Super Bowl.

New Mexico Tech’s Van Romero, a professor with expertise in explosives, analyzed Laatz’s video. Romero concluded it was likely a large firework, similar to those used in professional shows, measuring 10-12 inches in diameter.

Based on the delay between the flash and the boom, Romero estimated the firework was launched about a quarter mile from Laatz’s residence. He also explained that such a large firework would produce a significant and potentially hazardous air blast. He suspects it was detonated no more than 200-400 feet above the ground.

Romero emphasized the dangers of such fireworks, highlighting the potential for injuries and even fatalities. He explained that a ground-level blast can propel rocks into dangerous projectiles.

Laatz expressed concern for the safety of families with children in the neighborhood.

While Romero acknowledged the possibility of homemade fireworks, he could not determine if that was the case in this instance.

The Clark County Fire Department encourages residents to report illegal fireworks by calling 311.

Credits: Fox5Vegas

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