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Nevada Supreme Court Rejects Nathan Chasing Horse’s Bid to Dismiss Sexual Assault Charges

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 15, 2023 4:06 pm

 LAS VEGAS – In a recent development, the Nevada Supreme Court has dismissed the request made by Nathan Chasing Horse to have charges related to the sexual assault of several young girls thrown out. The decision, outlined in the court’s order denying Chasing Horse’s petition, cited a lack of demonstration of a need for “extraordinary relief” from the felony charges he currently faces.

Nathan Chasing Horse, a former actor and alleged cult leader, is confronting multiple felony charges, including sexual assault and kidnapping. The accusations assert that Chasing Horse exploited his tribal status as a “medicine man” to commit sexual assaults, some involving minors.

In May, Chasing Horse’s defense team took the case to the state’s highest court, seeking to dismiss the charges by alleging constitutional errors by the Eighth Judicial District Court. The defense argued that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the alleged sexual encounters were non-consensual. They further contended that the evidence presented by the state had either been obtained illegally or was not disclosed as required.

The petition was ultimately denied by a 2-1 vote, with Justice Douglas Herndon issuing a dissenting opinion. Herndon expressed his disagreement with the majority, stating, “I would exercise jurisdictional discretion and entertain the writ in order to reach the merits of the issues raised in the petition. I, therefore, respectfully dissent.”

Chasing Horse’s legal battle continues, and the denial of the petition signifies a significant development in the ongoing proceedings. The case raises complex legal questions regarding the admissibility of evidence and the constitutional aspects of the charges. The Nevada Supreme Court’s decision to proceed with the charges underscores the court’s stance on the need for a thorough examination of the case within the bounds of the existing legal framework.

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