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One Kick’s Gym Mourns The Loss Of Anthony “Pretty Boy” Castrejon

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 9, 2023 9:25 am

LAS VEGAS – On Monday, 31-year-old Anthony Greggory Castrejon, died from his injuries after being hit with a metal pipe twice in the head. North Las Vegas police said 19-year-old Miguel Rosas-Gonzalez and 23-year-old Jose Rosas-Gonzalez are facing charges that will likely change following Castrejon’s death.

Castrejon was better known by his gym nickname “pretty boy” and was a big part of the One Kick’s Gym community.

“Anthony just wanted everybody to have what he didn’t as a kid. Anthony came from rough beginnings and the gym saved his life and he just wanted the gym to be that for other people,” Nicholas Hovi, Castrejon’s first student at One Kick’s Gym, explained.

It’s a community still reeling from the news of his death.

“A lot of them are in disbelief. A lot of the kids are really sad but they know he wanted them to train so they just keep coming and work through it,” Nick Blomgren, owner of One Kick’s Gym, said.

According to an arrest report from NLVPD, Castrejon was drunk last Friday night and threatening a woman’s roommate after she refused to go home with him. The report said he followed her on and off a bus. Once they both got off, she heard a loud thud.

When she turned around, she saw her friend Miguel Rosas-Gonzalez standing over Castrejon holding a metal pipe. Gonzalez later told police that he hit him twice with a metal pipe and took Castrejon’s gun, eventually fleeing the scene with his brother Jose, the arrest report said.

It’s an incident that doesn’t have a good ending for anyone.

“Keeping him out of the streets is what we wanted to do. Because he did have talent and we wanted him to display. He lived in a rough part of town so you are always worried about him being caught up with some friends because they like to see you not do so well and pull you down to that level,” Blomgren said.

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