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Rideshare Drivers Finally Feel Assurance With Lower Gas Prices

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 25, 2022 11:40 pm

LAS VEGAS – Many rideshare drivers, were struggling to make ends meet this year because of high gas prices, but, with the holiday season and decreasing gas prices, drivers around the valley feel more confident.

Joe Vaughn, an active rideshare driver, said he felt the effects of high gas prices over the summer but that things have been looking brighter recently because prices have dropped.

“I just filled up 10 minutes ago and it was $35, and it was $55 two months ago,” Vaughn told 8 News Now. “$20 for positivity.”

Many drivers had to halt their ridesharing operations after losing money due to sky-high gas prices, claiming that it was no longer worth it to drive and burn that fuel.

Tim Skeith, a rideshare driver, had to put premium fuel in his truck and says that while there is a bit of a lull during the holidays, drivers are generating money again.

“Every December, we have to plan for a two-week period when activities will slow down…

“Around that time, petrol costs plummeted by around a dollar a gallon,” he explained. “However, now that things are picking up… That will be extremely beneficial to us.

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