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School Bus Driver Hospitalized After Crash in Las Vegas East Valley

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, October 14, 2023 1:04 pm

LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported on Friday that a school bus driver was sent to the hospital after a crash in the East Valley. The accident happened on October 13 at 3 p.m. along Sloan Lane and Owens Avenue and Sunrise View Drive.

According to authorities, the crash involved a single vehicle, specifically a Clark County School District bus. The driver was taken to University Medical Center Trauma after experiencing a medical episode while behind the wheel.

Fortunately, there were approximately 20 children on board the bus, and none of them sustained any injuries during the incident, confirmed LVMPD.

Michael McGloughlin, Sr., a resident residing in the home with the damaged fence resulting from the crash, shared his account of the shocking event. He had just entered his garage with his son when a loud crash caught their attention, prompting them to step outside and witness the aftermath.

“We saw a big pile of dirt flying and noticed a bus in my backyard,” McGloughlin recalled.

Observing that the bus was approximately half full with children, McGloughlin witnessed neighbors and passers-by immediately springing into action to assist.

“A bunch of guys started pulling on the doors and windows, trying to break into the bus, and another group of people, they started getting the kids out of the back of the bus,” he recounted.

McGloughlin noted that the driver appeared to be in a critical condition.

“We thought she maybe had a heart attack or a stroke,” he said. “She was kind of incapacitated… wasn’t responding at first.”

Remarkably, the children seemed to be unharmed during the ordeal.

“When we got them off the bus, they were pretty calm,” McGloughlin recalled. “There were only maybe one or two crying, but everybody else was calm and collected.”

Parents of the children arrived shortly after the crash, leading to emotional scenes.

“A lot of them started to cry,” he said. “Kind of broke down. I guess it hit them, what happened.”

The crash occurred around 3:00 p.m., according to McGloughlin. Due to the challenging angle at which the bus settled after the accident, it took until 9:00 p.m. for the vehicle to be towed away.

Police confirmed that the investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

Credits: Fox 5 Vegas

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