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Yoni Barrios is charged with murder and attempted murder after reportedly stabbing eight people on Las Vegas Boulevard on October 6, 2022. (Photo courtesy of LVMPD)

Suspect in Las Vegas Strip Stabbing Charged With Murder and Attempted Murder

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, October 7, 2022 1:57 pm

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (702 Times, NV Globe) – According to records acquired on Friday, the man suspected of stabbing eight people on the Las Vegas Strip, killing two, requested a group of showgirls to take a picture with a foot-long kitchen knife he was trying to sell before attacking them.

Yoni Barrios, 32, had traveled from Las Vegas to California earlier this week, according to authorities. He arrived by bus on the Las Vegas Strip at 8 a.m. Thursday. According to police, he went there after being informed he couldn’t remain at a friend’s residence.

According to the arrest report, Barrios said officers he was trying to sell his knives so he could return home.

Brent Allan Hallett, 47, and Maris Mareen Digiovanni, 30, both of Las Vegas, were named as the two victims of the attack by the coroner’s office. Six additional individuals were injured.

According to the police report, Barrios went to the Wynn casino to inquire about janitorial positions. According to investigators, he even requested the janitor to call the US. ICE, or Immigration and Customs Enforcement, so he could return to Guatemala.

Barrios then exited the Wynn and approached a group of showgirls at the casino’s main entrance on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Barrios said to the gathering of showgirls that he was a chef. According to one of the showgirls, Barrios wanted to take a picture with the group while holding his knife. He believed the ladies were laughing at him and making fun of his clothing, which enraged him, and he “stabbed one of the women in the chest,” according to the report.

Digiovanni, a member of the group, died in the hospital. Another woman in the group was stabbed in the back while attempting to assist Digiovanni.

Following the group stabbing, Barrios fled, stabbing six people, including Hallett, as he went along the sidewalk from Las Vegas Boulevard to Sands Avenue, where he threw the bloodied knife in some bushes, according to authorities.

According to the arrest report, after being brought into custody, Barrios stated police he “was hoping officers would shoot him.”

According to authorities, Barrios was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on two charges of open murder with a deadly weapon and six counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

The event happened about 11:42 a.m. on Thursday.

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