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Teenager Was Discovered in a Locked Bedroom in North Las Vegas Led to Arrest of 3 Suspects

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 17, 2022 7:07 am

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (702 Times, NV Globe) – An arrest record states that three persons were detained after North Las Vegas police heard that a youngster was reportedly being confined in a closed bedroom without access to food, drink, or bathrooms.

Officers arrived early on Nov. 5 between 5th Street and Alexander Road after someone reported a youngster attempting to get into their upper bedroom using a ladder.

According to the arrest report, the youngster was in the backyard seeking for food and water after her parents had locked her in her bedroom.

According to the resident, she heard a disturbance coming from the backyard and spotted the teen, who resided in an adjacent house. The girl said she climbed down from her own residence by tying items together. She used a ladder to return to her bedroom.

Police went to the teen’s house and spoke with him via a second-floor window. According to the report, she stated that the room was locked by a deadbolt that required keys from both sides to be unlocked and that she only received food and drink at night.

Officers learned that someone had arrived at the house and went to the front door to check on the residents’ well-being. A man named Daniel Omezcua responded, and a woman named Addy Gonzales subsequently came. When police entered, they discovered the teen in a room with a single deadbolt and no door knob.

Gonzales eventually broke open the door after no one could find a key. Officers entered the room and discovered no bed, but a box spring and bed frame, as well as a pail with excrement.

“I asked [the teen] if she felt like she was a prisoner, to which she shook her head up and down indicating yes,” police wrote in the arrest report.

According to police, the adolescent has been in this state for at least a year. They searched the family’s records and discovered eight files containing claims of abuse and neglect, but Child Protective Services did not have enough cooperation or proof to prosecute.

Omezcua, Gonzales, and a third individual, Maria Pasarin, were apprehended. Gonzales is identified as the teen’s mother, and Pasarin as her grandma, according to the police report. At one point, it also misspells Daniel’s surname as “Amezcua.”

All three are charged with false imprisonment and child abuse or neglect, and their next court appearance is set for November 21. A message requesting response from their attorney was not immediately returned.

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