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Three Arrested for Shooting Dogs, Robbery, and Attempted Murder

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 14, 2024 7:17 pm

Las Vegas, NV – Three individuals are facing a myriad of charges after a disturbing incident involving the shooting and killing of two dogs, robbery, and attempted murder. According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the harrowing events unfolded late Saturday night, leaving a trail of violence and terror.

The ordeal began when two men forcibly entered a woman’s home, demanding to speak about respect. The situation escalated as one of the men assaulted her, while the other pilfered money from her purse. Tragically, both of her dogs were shot and killed before the perpetrators fled the scene.

Shortly thereafter, another victim reported a similar robbery and shooting, involving the same suspects. As tensions mounted, the suspects commandeered a vehicle, but their getaway was cut short when the car burst into flames at an intersection.

A security guard witnessed the chaotic scene, observing the suspects fleeing on foot. Law enforcement swiftly apprehended two suspects, identified as Fernando Avalos and Barbara Henley. The third suspect, only known as “John Doe,” was also apprehended shortly afterward.

The trio faces a litany of charges, including attempted murder, robbery, conspiracy, and animal cruelty. While Avalos and “John Doe” remain tight-lipped, Henley distanced herself from the heinous acts, claiming she was merely a passenger in the vehicle.

All three individuals are slated to appear in court on February 15th, as the investigation into this shocking series of events continues.

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