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Truck Speed Data Contradicts Driver’s Account in Fatal Crash

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 20, 2024 10:48 pm

A Las Vegas teenager faces a reckless driving resulting in death charge after a crash that claimed the life of another 17-year-old. According to the arrest report, data retrieved from the driver’s truck contradicts his statement about the speed he was traveling.

Driver Claims Lower Speed

Jesus Barraza, 18, allegedly told police he was driving approximately 40 mph at the time of the crash on March 18th. However, crash data reportedly indicates the actual speed was significantly higher, at a concerning 73 mph.

Crash Details

The collision occurred around 9:30 pm on Monday in the east valley, at the intersection of Tree Line Drive and Back Woods Road. The report details Barraza traveling southbound in a Chevy Silverado, exceeding double the speed limit, alongside another vehicle. A group of pedestrians were crossing the street when the incident occurred.

Witness Account

Documents reveal that Barraza’s truck struck 17-year-old Devin Heath, who was reportedly outside of a designated crosswalk. A witness stated they believed Barraza might flee the scene and strategically positioned their own vehicle to prevent him from doing so.

This witness further reported informing Barraza about hitting someone, but the initial reaction seemed nonchalant. The report alleges Barraza attempted to shift blame to the driver in the Tahoe, who did not stop after the crash.

Investigation and Legal Proceedings

Police reported no signs of impairment in Barraza. He claimed limited visibility due to a curve in the road and stated that upon seeing the pedestrian, he applied the brakes but couldn’t avoid the collision.

Barrazza made a court appearance on Tuesday and was released on bail. The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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