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Unlicensed Contractor on the Loose: Las Vegas Residents Warned of “Repeat Offender” Taking Down Payments and Disappearing

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 12, 2024 1:51 pm

Las Vegas residents are on high alert after a repeat offender, Steven Jones, is accused of collecting large down payments for contracting work and then vanishing without a trace. Multiple victims who lost thousands of dollars to Jones’ alleged scams.

The Nevada State Contractors Board is actively investigating Jones, calling him a “repeat offender” and urging any potential victims to come forward. His history of unfinished projects and abandoned contracts paints a concerning picture.

Bridget Williams and Derrick Reed shared their experiences, both losing thousands of dollars to Jones. Williams paid $3,000 for a designer walk-in closet that never materialized, while Reed entrusted Jones with $6,000 for a master bathroom remodel that remains half-finished and unusable.

“He takes a lot of money upfront from projects and then he abandons the work,” stated David Behar from the Contractors Board, highlighting the recurring pattern.

This isn’t Jones’ first rodeo. In 2021 for similar complaints, but he failed to show up for an interview then. This time, he admitted that he’s not a licensed contractor, claiming he’s trying to obtain his license but offering no concrete timeline.

Jones’ excuses and justifications, including blaming clients for payment disputes and claiming they demanded work beyond the agreed-upon scope, hold little weight against the evidence and consistent testimonies of victims.

The Contractors Board is urging anyone who has been affected by Jones to reach out to them immediately. Both Williams and Reed have already filed complaints and obtained judgments in their favor, demonstrating the importance of taking legal action.

This case serves as a stark reminder to Las Vegas residents to be cautious when hiring contractors. Always verify licensing and check references before entrusting anyone with your hard-earned money. Never pay large down payments upfront, and be wary of contractors who make excuses or deviate from agreed-upon work.

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