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Vegas Motorists Seek Cheaper Gas After Weekend Pipeline Leak

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, February 13, 2023 5:10 pm

LAS VEGAS – Many motorists rushed to fill up their tanks over the weekend in anticipation of a shortage after a gas pipeline leak disrupted fuel transport from California to Las Vegas. As a result, motorists are actively seeking out stations with lower fuel costs.

At the gas station on the corner of Flamingo Road and Paradise Road, we met a driver named William. He claimed, “I think $4.10 is what I put in yesterday morning or $4.05. This should get me almost home.”

John Treanor of AAA reports that the statewide average for a gallon of gas in Nevada is over $4.00.

We had an 11-cent increase from last week to today, as we went from $4.03 to $4.14,” Treanor added.

As of yesterday, we were selling for $4.13, therefore the price increased by one cent over the night. This is in stark contrast to the nationwide trend we’ve seen of prices gradually decreasing by around 3 cents over the weekend. That way, you could see firsthand how much that gas leak cost you,” Treanor explained.

Gov. Joe Lombardo proclaimed a state of emergency on Friday, underlining that price gouging is completely prohibited. However, drivers have their doubts.

Crystal, a driver, informed us, “I’m paying roughly $4.09 per gallon right now. It’s just bonkers in my book. It’s gotten so bad that I attempt to fill up at least twice a week, though generally with my parents’ assistance. That number has nearly doubled.

The pipeline’s maintenance was completed on Saturday, therefore business as usual has resumed.

Now that the pipeline is fully functional again, “demand should settle,” as Treanor predicted. The prices will fall rapidly because “supply is going to be there.”

AAA recommends drivers to compare gas prices because stations are free to set their own. The price of gasoline varies depending on your location, which is why websites like gasbuddy.com exist. Type in your address for a targeted search.

While conducting interviews in the area between Flamingo and Paradise, Gas Buddy revealed that some stations had gas prices as low as $3.73 per gallon. However, prices varied widely depending on location, with the valley’s $4.49 being the highest.

Emergency management partners must verify normalcy in gasoline transport and supply before the Governor’s Office will lift the state of emergency. By Monday, eight reports of price gouging had been received by the Nevada Attorney General’s Office.

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