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Visitor Takes Responsibility for Damaging Death Valley Historic Landmark

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, May 16, 2024 6:56 pm

Death Valley National Park officials received a surprising update this week after putting out a call to identify the culprit who damaged a historic salt tram tower. The responsible visitor has come forward, admitting to accidentally pulling down the 113-year-old structure.

A Desperate Attempt

Earlier reports suggested the damage occurred when a motorist used a winch to free a vehicle stuck in mud. This scenario was confirmed by the visitor themself, who contacted the park’s tip line. They explained the incident happened “out of desperation” and expressed regret for causing harm to the historic landmark.

Lessons Learned

While park officials are relieved the person took responsibility, the incident serves as a cautionary tale for all visitors. To avoid similar situations, they recommend:

  • Carrying a satellite communication device: This ensures access to help in areas with limited cell service.
  • Staying on paved roads: This is especially important during Death Valley’s scorching summer months.

Repairs and Responsible Actions

Park officials are currently developing a plan to repair the damaged tower. They urge the public to be patient and avoid attempting repairs themselves, as untrained interventions could cause further damage.

Respecting History

“The Saline Valley Salt Tram tower is a significant part of our history,” stated acting Superintendent Elizabeth Ibañez. While details about the visitor won’t be disclosed, park officials appreciate their taking responsibility.

About the Saline Valley Salt Tram Tower

Built in 1911 by the Saline Valley Salt Company, the tram system transported salt across Death Valley’s rugged terrain. The 13-mile aerial tram boasted a steep incline of up to 40 degrees and remains a nationally recognized landmark.

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One thought on “Visitor Takes Responsibility for Damaging Death Valley Historic Landmark

  1. History is certainly important. However, damaging Death Valley wouldn’t be easy. I mean what could they do? Overfeed one of the buzzards?

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