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Christmas Blackout: Death Valley Plunged into Darkness by Holiday Outage

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, December 26, 2023 9:05 pm

Death Valley, CA – Christmas cheer took a dark turn in Death Valley National Park, as a 65-hour power outage plunged the scorching desert into darkness and disrupted holiday plans for hundreds of visitors and residents.

Stranded in the Silence:

The outage, which began on December 23rd and finally ended Tuesday morning, crippled the park’s vital infrastructure. With pumps incapacitated, the park service struggled to supply water to its two major water systems, forcing them to truck water to maintain basic functionality. Hotels were left without power or heat, turning festive gatherings into chilly huddles. Restaurants were forced to adapt with limited menus due to lack of refrigeration and cooking equipment.

Communication Blackout:

Adding to the inconvenience, the outage also wiped out cell service in the park, isolating visitors and park staff alike. Eight electric vehicles stranded by depleted batteries had to be towed out, showcasing the unexpected challenges posed by an energy blackout in this remote oasis.

450 Affected, Resilience Highlighted:

While the outage impacted a relatively small population of around 450 residents and visitors, the stark disruption serves as a reminder of the park’s dependence on its fragile infrastructure. Park officials commended the resilience and adaptability of those affected, who handled the unexpected darkness with holiday spirit and resourcefulness.

Cause Unveiled?

The cause of the prolonged outage remains under investigation, though initial reports suggest it may have originated in an area outside the park boundaries.

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One thought on “Christmas Blackout: Death Valley Plunged into Darkness by Holiday Outage

  1. Southern California Edison says the insulators for the section of line that feeds the substation that feeds Death Valley NP are failing due to age and a protective coating on the insulator that is getting old. Now, let’s be clear, the park services DOES NOT make it easy, or even possible, for the power company to get access to any issues the park has had in the past… Weather rolled in and rained for multiply days, so why is it a big surprise that they are out of power for so long? I’m sure if the park would make an exception for the power company to have better access to said “poles n equipment” with man power and trucks, the power would be on faster and maintained better.

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