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Winter Safety Tips Warnings to Use When Heading to the Slopes

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 20, 2023 6:21 am

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (702 Times, NV Globe) – Coming up is a three-day weekend for the Clark County School District, which for many will include a trip to the snow. Before leaving, take the following winter safety advice and precautions.

The ski, snowboard, and snowmobile season at Lee Canyon has gotten off to a very good and above-average start with more than nine feet of snow already.

Even more so than adults, according to Dr. Carrie Wijesinghe of Siena Pediatrics in Henderson, children need to be dressed in layers.

“For older infants and children, to have them wear one extra layer compared to what an adult would do in the same situation, hence the snow,” Wijesinghe said.

If you’re not attentive, hypothermia and frostbite are serious risks. Helmets should be worn by children while skiing and snowboarding. Hats, gloves, and boots will help keep you warm if you’re going sledding. Finding a spot away from traffic and trees is also advised.

“I see up there in Kyle Canyon, people are going down hills that have a lot of trees that, can be very seriously hurt,” Wijesinghe said.

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