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Amerigas Not Leaving but Some Customers Still Wait in the Cold

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 24, 2023 5:27 am

RENO, Nev. (775 Times, NV Globe) – When we reported last week that Amerigas customers had been abruptly cut off from gasoline in the freezing weather, few people responded, even when we asked if the firm was still providing supplies in our region. Since then, our phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

Let’s begin by answering the first query. According to its online listing, the local office is indeed permanently closed, and our first contacts did not provide any more information. Customers were abandoned in the cold or in the dark. Both our and their calls went to a contact center with language obstacles but no solutions.

The firm phoned us after our article appeared to stress that they were still operating in northern Nevada even though they acknowledged having some delivery issues due to the weather.

When they eventually sent their statement on Monday afternoon, we volunteered to report whatever statement they wished to submit.

“Our teams are working seven days a week to ensure our customers have full tanks and warm homes. We are taking steps to speed up deliveries, as roads are cleared, by bringing in drivers from other areas. Despite prior reports, AmeriGas continues to operate and serve Washoe and Nevada counties. As we work quickly to deliver propane to our customers, we must also prioritize the safety of our drivers, customers, and communities.”

The consumer who first notified us to this news received a delivery the very following morning, but others are still without, thus we can confirm with solid evidence that they ARE still making local deliveries.

“I have neighbors who have been out longer than I have,”Jennifer Schneider told us, “and they’ve still not been serviced. The only reason I got serviced was because of your news story and I’m grateful for that, but I feel bad for my neighbors.”

Therefore, the issue persists. The business cites the weather, but it seems another well-known problem is at play. An overall personnel deficit is confirmed by calls to other businesses and the company’s listing of three driver openings. The corporation acknowledges in its statement that it has brought in drivers from other regions.

Other clients wait, worry, and freeze in the meanwhile. The timing of the issue could not have been worse.

The morning after her tale, when Jennifer Schneider received her Amerigas delivery, she requested merely 100 gallons rather than a full fill. I requested that the remainder be given to neighbors who were still in need. They declined. Days later, she discovered a new tank next to the Amerigas one when she returned home from morning errands in town on a Monday. It was full and came from her new source, a nearby business. She was relieved, but claims she escaped harm.

“This morning it was three degrees and if I hadn”t had propane I’d have been very worried that I could have possibly had my pipes burst. Npw I can live in my house and not have my pipes freeze and take hot showers and sleep in my own bed and not on the couch next to the space heater. It’s nice.”

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