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Carson City Water Division to Start Well Testing in Anticipation of Increased Water Demand

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 28, 2023 1:41 am

Carson City, Nevada – Beginning on April 3 and continuing through April 28, 2023, the Carson City Water Division will commence testing of wells in anticipation of increased water demand. The systematic approach aims to improve water quality, and as part of this process, the Water Division may flush the water mains in several areas, including Riverview, Stanton Park, Woodside Terrace, River Knolls, Parc de Maison, Empire Ranch, Lewis Homes, Cameron Heights, and the Goni Canyon area.

To ensure that residents in the listed areas are aware of the flushing activities, the Water Division will notify them 24 hours before flushing via the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. For those who wish to learn more or sign up for CodeRED, they can visit the Emergency Notification page on the Carson City website.

During the flushing process, sediment collected at the bottom of the water mains may be stirred up, which may cause discolored water. The sediment is a result of the minerals that have settled in the water mains throughout the year and is not harmful. However, it may stain light-colored clothing, so residents are advised to check the water in their washing machines before doing laundry to ensure it is running clear.

Residents in the affected areas may experience intermittent low water pressure or no pressure during this period. The Water Division advises allowing 4-6 hours after flushing for the water to clear up. If the water has not cleared up after this time, residents are requested to contact the Water Division at (775) 887-2355.

By testing wells and flushing water mains, the Carson City Water Division aims to ensure that residents have access to high-quality water that meets their needs. While the process may cause some inconvenience, the Water Division hopes that residents will understand the importance of this work and support its efforts to improve the city’s water supply.

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