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Despite Staff Shortages, Nevada Has Added Holiday Travel Troopers

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, November 23, 2022 12:55 am

Despite Staff Shortages, Nevada Has Added Holiday Travel Troopers

NEVADA – Despite long-standing personnel issues, the Nevada State Police (NSP) indicated it will increase patrol over the Thanksgiving holiday.

On a daily basis, 45,000 automobiles travel between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. NSP anticipates that number to grow by the thousands this holiday season.

According to NSP Public Information Officer Ashlee Wellman, the area of I-15 that California drivers first encounter when traveling into the Las Vegas Valley will have up to 15 more troopers monitoring it.

This is made possible by a state grant aimed at increasing trooper presence on state roads during the holidays.

The stretch of highway from St. Rose Parkway to Primm was once considered one of the most dangerous in the country. Wellman recalls earlier Thanksgiving holidays when automobile incidents slowed traffic for miles and hours in both directions.

“There aren’t a lot of places to divert or turn around traffic on the IR-15.” So one of the issues we confront is that traffic must stop while we perform the investigation or reopen the route, which might take a long time,” Wellman said inside NSP Headquarters Tuesday afternoon.

Nevada troopers will now collaborate with California Highway Patrol to target speeding vehicles, moving offenses, and distracted driving violations.

In addition, Wellman stated that 15 California troopers will be stationed on the other side of the state boundary.

However, what does the additional resources diverted to the south mean for the remainder of the valley? It’s mostly a matter of priority, given that the agency was functioning with fewer than half of its 120-person staff as recently as October.

“We really have troopers coming in on overtime, including our motor units,” Wellman added. “Our troopers who patrol our valley and city will be out there as usual, responding to calls for service and teaching the motor republic on traffic safety.”

She goes on to say that some troopers volunteered to work extra hours. According to Wayne Dice, a Nevada State Police Union (NPU) spokesperson, this is correct:

“I know NPU members will be working extra hours to solve the short staffing levels and keep Nevada’s highways safe.” We at NPU encourage the general public to drive with caution on these severe traffic days. NPU understands that amid these critical staffing levels, Nevada’s roadways are dangerous for the public and its members who must work this holiday season.”

Extra patrolling will begin Wednesday morning and go until the start of next week. This section of I-15 is designated as a “zero tolerance” zone, which means that even minor traffic violations will be prosecuted.

“We want no fatalities this holiday weekend,” stated Wellman.

Enhanced safety considerations include additional message on DMS electronic highway signs and aerial speeding policing. On Sunday, NSP planned to increase “manpower” on southbound I-15 north of the state line to focus on speeding, reckless driving, and vehicles using the shoulders to pass traffic.

Wellman suggests bringing additional food, water, and medicine in case of an accident that halts traffic.

She also recommends that anyone who witnesses an accident or a medical issue while driving should call *NHP or 911.

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