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Dozens of Animals Recovered in Las Vegas Valley Animal Hoarding Case

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, April 11, 2024 11:29 am

A disturbing case of animal hoarding has come to light in Las Vegas, with over 150 animals, both alive and dead, recovered from multiple locations across the valley.

The investigation began on a tip received by Nevada Voters for Animals President Gina Greisen, who then contacted various agencies. It culminated in a search warrant executed at the residence of Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Inside Miller and Luke’s residence, Clark County Animal Protective Services discovered 26 malnourished animals living in filthy conditions, alongside the remains of 42 deceased animals, some found in the freezer. The live animals included a variety of species, such as guinea pigs, dogs, hamsters, birds, tortoises, and a rabbit. The Animal Foundation CEO, Hilarie Grey, described the situation as one of the worst hoarding cases they’ve encountered.

This discovery was just one part of a larger investigation. Boulder City Police also found 51 guinea pigs and rabbits, 11 deceased, within an SUV. In a separate location, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police located 33 dogs inside a hotel room, with 12 already dead.

The Las Vegas Animal Foundation took in a total of 88 animals rescued during this operation.

Miller and Luke have pleaded not guilty to animal hoarding charges and are due back in court on April 11th.

This case highlights the seriousness of animal hoarding, a complex issue often driven by compulsive behaviors. Sadly, the animals pay the ultimate price, enduring neglect and suffering.

Nevada Voters for Animals emphasizes the importance of reporting suspected animal cruelty to authorities. If you suspect an animal is being hoarded or otherwise neglected, please contact your local animal control agency or SPCA chapter.

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