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Governor Lombardo Collaborates with AAA Scholarship Foundation to Aid Impacted Students

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 12, 2023 11:24 am

NEVADA – In the aftermath of the legislative rejection of Governor Joe Lombardo’s proposal to utilize federal COVID-19 relief funds to finance Opportunity Scholarships, a potential solution has emerged. The governor’s office has revealed a partnership with the AAA Scholarship Foundation to extend financial support to affected students, offering a reprieve for at least one year.

The announcement comes following a contentious 12-hour hearing, during which Democratic legislators expressed concerns about the AAA Scholarship Foundation’s substantial allocation within the Educational Choice Scholarship Program.

Governor Lombardo’s office has termed this collaboration a “short-term solution for this crisis.” Eligible parents seeking scholarships for the upcoming academic year are now required to apply directly with the AAA Scholarship Foundation. The application deadline is set for September 11.

Addressing the development, Lombardo conveyed, “Together, we will be able to ensure that no student currently receiving an Opportunity Scholarship will be removed from their chosen school this school year.” He also stressed the urgency of working towards a comprehensive resolution to avoid displacing children from their preferred educational settings.

The genesis of this proposal can be traced back to earlier this year when the Legislature approved Governor Lombardo’s education bill sans the provision for funding and expanding Opportunity Scholarships. The Governor’s Finance Office had presented the proposal to the Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee, a majority-Democrat committee consisting of 22 members.

Concerns had arisen over the potential fate of over 350 students who were at risk of losing their Opportunity Scholarships, thereby jeopardizing their educational trajectories.

AAA Scholarship Foundation’s President and CEO, Kim Dyson, expressed appreciation for Governor Lombardo’s dedication and collaborative approach. Dyson commented, “AAA Scholarship Foundation is pleased to be a part of a solution for ensuring no child loses their scholarship for the upcoming school year.”

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