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Public Health Advisory: Potentially Harmful Algal Bloom Detected at Wildhorse Reservoir

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 11, 2023 5:43 pm

Nevada – Nevada State Parks have issued a critical advisory concerning a potentially hazardous algal bloom identified at Wildhorse Reservoir, situated north of Elko. In light of this discovery, officials are urging park visitors and their beloved pets to steer clear of the water to avert any potential health complications.

The advisory highlights the potential dangers associated with toxic algae exposure. Such exposure can occur through skin contact, ingestion, or inhalation of affected water, leading to severe health repercussions. Vulnerable populations, particularly children and pets, are particularly at risk.

Nevada State Parks emphasized that these algal blooms have the capacity to persist for several days to weeks, with the toxins remaining in the water even after the visible signs of the bloom have dissipated.

To discern the presence of a harmful algal bloom, visitors are urged to remain vigilant for certain indicators:

  1. Foul odor emanating from the water
  2. Large mats or scums floating on the water’s surface
  3. Water assuming an appearance akin to green paint
  4. Display of vibrant colors like blue, green, white, brown, or red

As a precautionary measure, individuals are advised to abstain from wading, swimming, jet-skiing, or water skiing in waters that may be affected by the algal bloom.

In the event of accidental contact with the toxic water, prompt cleansing of the affected area with clean water is crucial. Additionally, any fish caught during a bloom period should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. However, only the fillets are deemed safe for consumption, as the skin and internal organs may harbor elevated levels of algal toxins.

Individuals who suspect that they may be exhibiting symptoms of algal toxin exposure are encouraged to seek medical attention promptly. Local health providers or the Poison Control Center can be reached at 1-800-222-1222 for immediate assistance.

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