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Governor Lombardo Vows to Protect Freedom, Rejects Mask and Vaccine Regulations

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 29, 2023 6:13 pm

NEVADA – Governor Lombardo says his administration will not impose mask or vaccine regulations like his Democratic predecessor, Governor Steve Sisolak, as a new epidemic threatens.

The Governor said, “Hell no!” to mask mandates during a Keystone Corporation luncheon yesterday.

Along with this public statement, Governor Lombardo’s office responded to a constituent’s “vehement” disagreement with the prior Democratic administration’s pandemic response, saying, “In Nevada, we cherish our freedom and Governor Lombardo will fiercly fight to protect it.”

According to The Globe, Sisolak closed small businesses and churches as “non essential,” increased Nevadan drug deaths, and more than doubled Hispanic deaths from 2019 to 2020.

Sisolak’s pandemic reaction included extended casino and small business lockdowns, which closed 40% of Nevada’s small enterprises and raised the unemployment rate above 30%.

Robert Fellner of NPRI wrote an opinion piece for The Nevada Globe about Sisolak’s pandemic school closures’ catastrophic effects:

Nothing compares to Sisolak’s disastrous policies’ harm to children. School closures cause substantial learning loss, which can lower future incomes, poverty, and life expectancy. Child mental health disorders, including purposeful self-harm, have increased.

Without advantages, these horrible expenditures were imposed. Even the CDC admits, “COVID-19 transmission does not appear to be demonstrably more frequent in schools than in noneducational settings.” A more rigorous Journal of Global Health study indicated that “children and adolescents had lower odds of infection in educational-settings compared to community and household clusters.” Thus, school closures did not end COVID-19.

Without a Republican vote, Democratic state lawmakers exploited Sisolak’s two-year emergency power grab to substantially change Nevada’s voting laws in an emergency session. Republican SB130 and SB136 sought to limit a governor’s emergency power powers, but the Democratic majority killed both.

While other schools and companies are again putting masks on kids and staff, Nevadans can be certain that Governor Lombardo is “following the science” and will not use force or fiat against free state residents.

Credits: Keystone Nevada Corner

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