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Former Alpine Motel Apartments Owner Seeks Dismissal of Involuntary Manslaughter Charges in Deadly Fire Case

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, August 29, 2023 8:05 pm

LAS VEGAS – Adolfo Orozco, also known as Adolfo Orozco-Garcia, the former owner of Alpine Motel Apartments, is urging a Las Vegas judge to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter charges leveled against him in connection with the tragic fire that claimed six lives on December 21, 2019. The deadly fire left six dead, 13 injured, and many displaced.

Orozco, who has pleaded not guilty to six counts of involuntary manslaughter and 21 counts of disregarding the safety of a person resulting in death or substantial bodily harm, is facing a groundbreaking case as his defense attorney, Dominic Gentile, argues that this could set a precedent in Nevada for prosecuting accidental fires as homicides.

During a recent court hearing, Gentile expressed concern that the outcome of this case might affect insurance rates for landlords across the state, suggesting that it could lead to criminal charges or increased insurance costs for property owners. Chief Deputy District Attorney John Giordani acknowledged the far-reaching implications of the case but emphasized that appropriate property maintenance remains a legal duty for landlords to prevent similar tragedies.

Justice of the Peace Ann Zimmerman had previously ruled that there was sufficient evidence for Orozco to stand trial on the 27 charges, though she dismissed certain counts involving evidence tampering and witness interference.

The preliminary hearing, which commenced over two years ago, faced significant delays while awaiting a Nevada Supreme Court ruling that determined an investigator working for the defense could be compelled to testify.

Gentile’s argument revolves around the notion that involuntary manslaughter charges necessitate proof of an act beyond ordinary negligence, a stance he maintains prosecutors have yet to demonstrate.

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