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Idaho Street Flooded Again, Lemmon Valley Residents Demand Action

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, May 15, 2023 6:24 pm

NEVADA – Residents of Lemmon Valley, Nevada are calling for action after yet another downpour caused flooding on Idaho Street, with water racing down the road towards Lemmon Valley Drive. Cell phone pictures captured the ditches overflowing on Sunday afternoon, with the flow intensifying as it moved from north to south. Homes east to west were impacted as water overflowed into residential areas.

Residents have been calling on the county to clean up the ditches for four years, but little has been done. The 2017 flood left streets closed and rendered septic tanks and wells inoperable. With the rural nature of the area, many residents have livestock including chickens, and some were left in standing water. Some residents have even lost pets to the flooding in the past.

Crews from the county were clearing ditches in the area today, but residents are asking why this wasn’t done before the downpour. The county has given residents a mandate to not touch the ditches, but residents are frustrated with the lack of action and communication.

Residents reported the flooding to the county’s 311 service, but after hours the calls were directed to “Crisis Support Services of Nevada,” which also handles suicide and child abuse calls. Residents reported being left on hold for up to 20 minutes and being told that the flooded area was not in county jurisdiction. The call center stated that there is no guarantee on hold times and calls are taken in the order they are received.

The extent of property damage is currently unknown. Lemmon Valley residents are demanding that action be taken to prevent future flooding in their community.

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