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Nevada Governor Signs Bill Granting 12% Raises to State Employees

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, June 1, 2023 7:18 pm

NEVADA – In a significant move to address pay disparities and retain skilled workers, Governor Joe Lombardo signed Assembly Bill 522 (AB522) on Thursday, approving 12% raises for state employees starting in July.

AB522 focuses on compensating state employees, aiming to bridge the gap in pay between Nevada and other states. The bill had been proposed prior to the legislative session as a means to attract and retain talented individuals by offering competitive salaries.

Governor Lombardo took to Twitter to announce the signing of AB522, stating, “This afternoon I signed AB 522, the state employee pay bill. I’m proud that this legislation provides essential raises for state employees over the next biennium. Our state employees are deserving of these raises, and I’m grateful we were able to deliver this critical bill.”

The bill fulfills Lombardo’s commitment to implementing an 8% raise effective from July 1, with an additional 4% raise slated for the following year. With a job vacancy rate of around 20%, Nevada has faced challenges in filling crucial positions. To further incentivize retention, the budget includes a quarterly bonus of $250 for employees, in addition to the 8% raise. Furthermore, the compensation plan reintroduces longevity pay, which had been discontinued during lean budget years following the Great Recession.

AB522 also incorporates provisions for a two-grade pay increase for law enforcement personnel within the Department of Public Safety, as well as an infusion of funds to support higher salaries within the Nevada System of Higher Education.

The signing of this bill represents a significant step towards ensuring fair compensation for state employees, attracting and retaining talent, and bolstering the overall workforce in Nevada.

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