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Nevada Health Link Urges Medicaid Recipients to Update Information to Maintain Coverage

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 27, 2023 6:15 pm

NEVADA – Around 200,000 Nevadans risk losing their Medicaid health coverage if they fail to update their information before the end of this week, according to a statement released by Nevada Health Link. The state’s Medicaid program is conducting a redetermination process that will require current beneficiaries to reapply and update their eligibility starting April 1, which will continue over a 14-month period.

The process marks the first time in three years that people’s benefits will not be automatically renewed, and failure to complete the process could result in the loss of coverage. To avoid this, Nevada Health Link is urging people to proactively update their information either online or in person to maintain their coverage.

Nevada Health Link Executive Director Ryan High emphasized that the organization’s top priority is to ensure Nevadans remain covered with health insurance and that the transition process is easy for individuals. The call center is open and has certified local assistants across the state to assist Nevadans in picking a new plan that best suits their needs and budget.

The Nevada Medicaid program will prioritize the redetermination process based on the anniversary month of the predetermined date. Nevada Health Link is urging Medicaid recipients to update their contact information in their Medicaid accounts and check for notices regarding their redetermination/expiration date.

For any questions about the Medicaid renewal process, recipients can visit the Medicaid website or call (877) 638-3472. Nevada Health Link is encouraging all recipients to act quickly and update their information to avoid any lapse in coverage and to continue receiving affordable and qualified health care through the state’s online marketplace, NevadaHealthLink.com.

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