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Nevada Lawmakers Introduce Resolution to Establish State Lottery

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, March 19, 2023 11:22 am

NEVADA – Nevada lawmakers have introduced a resolution, Assembly Joint Resolution 5, to create a state lottery. Sponsored by Assembly members C.H. Miller and Daniele Monroe-Moreno, the measure aims to amend the Nevada state constitution, which currently prohibits any type of modern lottery except for those organized by not-for-profit or charitable groups.

If passed, the Nevada Legislature would have the authority to create and regulate “modern lotteries,” with only the state being authorized to establish a lottery. No other organizations, entities, or municipalities in Nevada would be granted this power. However, the existing provision permitting charitable groups to conduct their own lotteries would remain in place.

Currently, Nevada is one of only five states without a lottery, leading state residents to frequently travel to neighboring California and Arizona to purchase tickets when jackpots reach high figures.

Assemblymember Miller, who announced the resolution in February, aims to direct lottery revenue towards youth mental health initiatives, stating that “It is time to fully invest in Nevadans and pass this constitutional amendment.” The influential Culinary Union has also endorsed the measure, emphasizing the need for long-term capacity building for mental health and education in Nevada.

Since the resolution aims to amend the state constitution, it must pass in the 2025 legislative session and gain voter approval before taking effect.

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