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Potential Record-Breaking Strike Looms as UPS Employees Demand Better Wages and Working Conditions

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, July 5, 2023 4:54 pm

NEVADA – Negotiations between the Teamsters and UPS management reached an impasse today, setting the stage for what could be the largest strike in U.S. history. The key points of contention include market-rate salary increases and the need for air conditioning in UPS trucks.

According to the Teamsters, UPS walked away from the bargaining table after presenting an unsatisfactory offer that failed to address the needs of its members. Teamsters President Sean O’Brien criticized the corporation, stating, “This multibillion-dollar corporation has plenty to give American workers — they just don’t want to.”

Approximately 1,200 local UPS employees in Reno are preparing to hit the picket line on August 1, when the current labor agreement expires. Ross Kinson, from Teamsters Local 533, expressed the readiness of the members to strike, emphasizing the potential for it to become the largest strike in U.S. history.

UPS employees have previously protested working conditions, including the lack of air conditioning in UPS delivery vehicles. Kinson pointed out that despite the company’s substantial profits during the pandemic, shareholders received billions in stock buybacks, while workers continue to face challenges.

Kinson accused UPS of only considering addressing air conditioning in new vehicles next year, which further fueled dissatisfaction among the employees.

In response to the labor negotiations, UPS stated on June 22 that progress has been made and they remain committed to providing the best pay and benefits package in the industry.

The countdown to the potential historic strike has begun, as UPS employees stand united in their fight for fair compensation and improved working conditions.

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