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SPCA of Northern Nevada Ordered to Pay Bond to Reno Iron Works in Lawsuit Case

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, July 5, 2023 5:07 pm

NEVADA – A district court judge, Kathleen Sigurdson, has ruled that the SPCA of Northern Nevada must pay a substantial bond to Reno Iron Works as compensation for costs related to the animal shelter’s lawsuit against the steel fabricating company. In her June 30 order, Judge Sigurdson set the bond payment at $195,600.

The amount comprises $157,600 to cover costs incurred by Reno Iron Works due to a two-year delay in the construction of its 40,000-square-foot facility near the SPCA shelter on Spectrum Boulevard. The remaining $38,000 is allocated for temporary storage and lease expenses, as well as the unloading and reloading of supplies at the job site.

Judge Sigurdson explained her decision, stating, “Due to inconsistencies in the financial costs disclosed to this Court by Reno Iron, this Court will not be granting any bond in a higher amount.”

The SPCA of Northern Nevada expressed disappointment at the size of the bond, raising concerns that it may hinder their access to justice given the high amount and the uncertainties associated with litigation. They issued a statement expressing their concerns about the order.

On the other hand, Reno Iron Works considers Judge Sigurdson’s decision regarding the bond to be fair. Greg Ferraro, a spokesperson for the company, noted that the Nevada Supreme Court, during its initial review, ordered Sigurdson to require the bond if it was determined that Reno Iron Works would likely suffer economic harm due to the project’s delay.

Ferraro emphasized the clarity of the facts in the case, stating, “The property is zoned correctly. It was master planned for this use with no special use permit required. The Reno Planning Commission, Reno City Council, and this court are all in agreement.”

The city of Reno, which is also facing a lawsuit from the SPCA of Northern Nevada, chose not to comment on the bond order at this time. The legal battle continues, with both parties involved awaiting further developments in the case.

Credits: Reno Gazette

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