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Reno Mayor Cleared of Ethics Charges, Calls for Unity After “Shaming” Ordeal

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, January 19, 2024 3:09 pm

Reno, NV – January 19, 2024 – Mayor Hillary Schieve emerged victorious from an ethics investigation Wednesday, after the Nevada Ethics Commission deadlocked 2-2 on the question of whether she violated rules by failing to disclose a connection to a law firm. Schieve expressed strong disapproval of the entire process, accusing her detractors of exploiting her personal safety for political gain.

“I have endured both stalking and baseless ethics allegations, and it’s shameful that my personal safety has been exploited for political motives,” Schieve stated in a release. “I appreciate the Commission for recognizing the unfounded nature of these accusations. Moving forward, let’s focus on constructive dialogue and positivity to accomplish great things for the benefit of our community.”

The investigation stemmed from Schieve’s hiring of the McDonald Carano law firm to pursue legal action against a private investigator who allegedly placed a tracking device on her car. This same firm was later involved in representing developers seeking city council approval for a $30 million bond proposal.

While the lack of a majority vote absolves Schieve of any ethical lapse, the situation highlights the potential for conflict of interest when elected officials have personal connections to companies seeking public favors.

Schieve’s response, calling for unity and highlighting the emotional toll of the investigation, underscores the human cost of such accusations, even when ultimately unproven.

Looking ahead, the commission plans to issue a written opinion later this year, potentially offering greater clarity on the specific aspects of the case and whether any changes to disclosure requirements are warranted.

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One thought on “Reno Mayor Cleared of Ethics Charges, Calls for Unity After “Shaming” Ordeal

  1. In what world does a 2-2 tie absolve her of the charges ?
    She’s running around spiking the football like they voted

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