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Staffing Shortage Forces Closure of Saint Mary’s Neurology Clinic

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, April 26, 2023 9:47 am

NEVADA – Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center’s Neurology clinic has been forced to temporarily shut down due to a shortage of staff. The clinic, which is usually operated by a single neurologist, has been without a practitioner after their only staff member left to join another practice.

The hospital is currently searching for a new neurologist to take on the role and reopen the clinic. However, they have not yet been successful in their search.

Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center spokesperson released a statement on the matter, stating that the hospital is aware of the impact that the closure of the Neurology clinic may have on the community, and they are working diligently to find a qualified candidate as soon as possible.

Saint Mary’s Health Network is proud to offer a multitude of healthcare services to the Northern Nevada community. The extensive list of resources includes cardiology services, where Saint Mary’s was just ranked as the #3 Cardiovascular Hospital in the U.S., and a robust collection of both inpatient and outpatient specialties that helped make Saint Mary’s the only Northern Nevada hospital to appear on Merative’s 100 Top Hospitals List in 2023.

In the case of neurology, Saint Mary’s places an extreme importance on offering the service line but has had to pause clinic operations due to staffing. As the organization is actively recruiting for a neurologist, Saint Mary’s Health Network looks forward to continuing operation of their neurology clinic once a hire is made.

To be clear, the Neurology Clinic has not been permanently shut down, and we recognize the importance of continuing to provide access to a much-needed resource in our community.

Our entire organization is steadfast in our commitment to providing patients with the very best care and service.

Until the clinic is reopened, patients are advised to seek care from other medical facilities in the area. The hospital has assured patients that they will be notified as soon as the clinic is back up and running.

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