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Tensions Rise as Douglas County School Board Deliberates Transgender Student Policies

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, May 18, 2023 3:10 pm

NEVADA – In a heated meeting, parents confronted the Douglas County School Board regarding proposed policies that would allow transgender students to participate in sports and utilize locker rooms and bathrooms aligned with their gender identity. The board has yet to make a decision, but leaders remain committed to advancing the policy despite legal challenges.

Parents and students packed the meeting to voice their concerns over the controversial proposal. Many parents expressed outrage at the mere consideration of such policies, citing biological differences between males and females to argue against allowing transgender individuals to compete in sports designated for the opposite gender.

One resident, Susan Reyes, fervently urged the board to reject the policies, emphasizing the need to protect the comfort and privacy of young girls in locker rooms. On the other hand, advocates like Meghan Nield, a Douglas High School teacher, highlighted the importance of inclusivity and creating a safe environment for all students.

Superintendent Keith Lewis clarified that the Douglas County School District (DCSD) currently lacks an official policy specifically addressing transgender students. Instead, the district follows state regulations, engaging in individual discussions with transgender students and their families to develop personalized plans that balance the needs of the student and the school community.

Acknowledging the board’s prerogative to set district policies, Lewis stated that some board members have expressed a desire to create an official policy on transgender students. However, in light of the contentious nature of the issue, the board voted to postpone the proposed policy until the next meeting in June to allow for further refinement of the language.

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5 thoughts on “Tensions Rise as Douglas County School Board Deliberates Transgender Student Policies

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