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Nevada Governor Signs Bill Eliminating Daily Hotel Room Cleanings

By TheNevadaGlobeStaff, May 18, 2023 4:37 pm

NEVADA – Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo has taken action by signing State Senate Bill 441, which removes the requirement for daily cleanings of hotel rooms. The bill’s language focuses on the regulations established by district boards of health regarding SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 protocols. Senator Marilyn Dondero Loop spearheaded the bill as its primary sponsor.

According to Sen. Loop, this bill serves as a declaration that the last remaining law from the emergency COVID-era in Nevada is coming to an end. The declaration aligns with the acknowledgment of two Nevada governors and President Biden, who have all declared the COVID-19 crisis to be nearing its conclusion.

The Culinary Union, representing numerous Nevada housekeepers, expressed disappointment and opposition to the bill. In a statement, the union emphasized that a majority of Democrats, alongside all Republicans in the Nevada Senate, voted on April 14, 2023, to revoke protections for guest room attendants, a group predominantly comprised of single mothers and working women of color. The Culinary Union commended Democratic Senators Fabian Donate, Edgar Flores, and James Ohrenschall for standing with workers and voting against the bill.

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One thought on “Nevada Governor Signs Bill Eliminating Daily Hotel Room Cleanings

  1. As a former hotel housekeeper and home cleaner in a business that got me out of poverty in another state a long time ago. And bringing that cleaning business back to life for a few years, twenty five years later here in Vegas doing move outs and vacation rentals.

    With the amount of turnover here in this town from visitors. Even if it’s about stopping the Covid requirements or about water conservation or anything along those lines that the governor has made this decision.

    This was a bad call. Yes most from personal experience, single mothers who are hard workers without a lot of education go to service jobs. Those tips count toward childcare and a bit of gas money or field trip money.

    There are other factors that concern me.
    Removing daily cleaning, (unless expressed by the guest), there needs to be a tidy up. If a guest has requested no tidy up and expressed total authority of the room because “they paid for it”…

    I can tell some real life stories of drug use/manufacturing from years ago and more recent… when crack cocaine came on the scene, people coming in from all other parts of the country and bedbugs have no problem traveling. “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Is not only a fairy tale.

    If anyone cares about the environment, bed bug mattresses cannot be donated, well no used mattresses can be donated in Clark County. So they fill up landfills. There are hardly any mattress recycling places in the United States. Where are the Las Vegas Strip mattresses going? Maybe an investigative journalist can find out.

    In just the Strip area there are what I can find,
    “62,000 rooms on the strip and over 150,000+ rooms citywide.” Source: Somewhere on Quora that I can’t find the link.

    Dear Governor,

    It’s very important to have room attendants. Trained and/or experienced to check for bed bugs, drug use, exploitation and all the things pertaining to maintaining the integrity of the property and the environment for other or future guests. That should s the economy of Las Vegas as a tourist destination.

    The dark side as you are well aware as former Sheriff and a reminder:

    The exploitation factor is my uppermost concern. Not having room attendants/housekeepers coming in at least every three days, you will continue to miss the missing trafficked victims.

    Governor Lambardo, I don’t know what was going on prior and on this issue.

    Las Vegas hotel rooms need to be cleaned and/or inspected at minimum every three days, although it should be every day.

    I listed all the reasons that I could list from experience from the 1990’s to now on service workers income, property integrity, health and the environment above.

    All important.

    The most important that I believe is being overlooked is to make sure that victims of exploitation the vulnerable people and underage kids are not drugged and sedated in those rooms, with that do not disturb sign.

    I think Governor Lombardo, you are wrong on this measure and super wrong if it’s a move on your predecessor on Covid lockdowns.

    In this measure, there will be many and further people who are being exploited, in hallways filled with unsuspecting tourists.

    Don’t take the room attendants for granted. Room attendants are not much different than first responders (in a different way), yet important every single day.

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