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Rafael Arroyo (Photo: Rafael Arroyo)

Exclusive: Latino Group Endorses Rafael Arroyo for State Assembly

The LIBRE Initiative Action will announce their endorsement of Rafeal Arroyo for Assembly District 41 later today

By Megan Barth, May 2, 2024 9:01 am

The LIBRE Initiative Action, “a political organization committed to working with those who want to advance freedom-minded policies that promote the well-being and self-sufficiency of the Hispanic community” will announce their endorsement of Rafael Arroyo for Assembly District 41 later today.

Eddie, senior advisor to The LIBRE Initiative Action-NV, issued the following statement:

“Latinos, and all voters, across Nevada are tired of bad policies, broken promises, and an economy that is everyday more difficult to live with. Our community is eager for leaders who are focused on ideas that will grow the economy, create opportunity, and give us a better shot at the American Dream. We need leaders who will bring positive change that empowers our community ahead. This is why LIBRE Action is excited to leverage our grassroots army and resources in favor of Rafael Arroyo. Latinos will play a critical role in this election, and we are ready to make sure that they are ready to support Arroyo for District 41.”

If Arroyo advances from the GOP primary on June 11th, he will face Democratic incumbent Sandra Jauregui for a critical Assembly seat for the Republican legislative minority.

Arroyo made national headlines when his small business was set ablaze allegedly by a suspected homeless person known to frequent the area. Arroyo blames the crime on Democratic policies which have allowed for crime and homelessness to flourish, specifically in underserved areas who rely on small businesses for their everyday needs.

In our exclusive interview with Arroyo, he notes that his district is growing with disaffected Californian’s who are fleeing the once-golden state and warns of implementing the same California Democratic policies in Nevada:

Let’s not enact California policies in Nevada. Let’s draft and pass policies that promote a good education for our children, ensure safe neighborhoods, and empower small businesses.

It isn’t complex, but when you are voting for Democrats who copy and paste California laws into Nevada legislation, like my opponent, then you are simply supporting policies that caused you to leave California in the first place.

In AD-41, we have a lot of people moving her and many of them are moving from California. We’re getting a lot of new residents. So, my message is, “You left California for a reason. We welcome you here in Las Vegas, but let’s leave those bad policies behind because they are not working, they are failing…”

If the Democrats do get a supermajority in both houses, they will run every California policy through the Nevada Legislature and we can’t allow that to happen. We just really can’t allow that to happen.

Although Latinos tend to favor the Democratic party by a wide margin, an Axios-Ipsos Latino poll found that their support is waning. “A plurality of Latinos now says “neither” when asked which major political party cares more about them,” Axios reports. However, Republicans have an edge with Latinos when it comes to handling the economy and rising crime.

In fact, among 60 voters in focus groups conducted by Way to Win, a progressive donor network who helped raised one $110 million for Democrats in 2020, found that Biden would underperform with the Latino vote in Nevada and Arizona.

Roughly one in five voters in Nevada are Hispanic. As Biden narrowly won Nevada by 33,500 votes (2.4 percent) and Republican Governor Joe Lombardo unseated Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak in 2020, Democrats and their activists are concerned that Biden’s economic policies will negatively affect turn out in the Latino community. When Latinos were asked what Biden has done to help them and their families, the resounding reply from the Hispanic participants was “Nothing.” “Ninguno.”

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