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Diana Sande, GOP candidate for AD-25 (Photo provided by campaign)

CCEA Endorses GOP State Assembly Candidate Over Incumbent Democrat

CCEA endorses Diana Sande over Democratic incumbent Selene La Rue Hatch

By Megan Barth, March 26, 2024 4:07 pm

The Clark County Education Association (CCEA) has entered Washoe County politics with their endorsement of GOP  candidate Diana Sande in Assembly District 25 over Democratic incumbent “union leader” and Washoe County teacher Selena La Rue Hatch.  The Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) is backing La Rue Hatch. Since 2014, the District leaned Republican until La Rue Hatch’s victory in 2022.

The CCEA has endorsed Republican and Democratic candidates throughout Nevada and supported Governor Lombardo’s Education Achievement, Opportunity and Investment Act,” Assembly Bill 400, during the 2023 legislative session. The original components of AB400 were school choice, early childhood literacy, opportunity scholarships, accountability and teacher pipeline.

During a legislative hearing, CCEA’s Executive Director John Vellardita outlined sections of the bill that were “absolutely critical for a foundation for a student’s education.” Yet, state representatives from the NSEA testified in opposition to the legislation.

Ultimately, school choice and opportunity scholarships were gutted through the amendment process submitted by the Democratic majority. A watered-down version of  childhood literacy, accountability, charter school bus funding and teacher pipeline initiatives passed both chambers during a special session of the legislature.

In an October 30, 2022 interview on Nevada Newsmakers, La Rue Hatch (AD-25) referred to opportunity scholarships as a “small sliver” of public schools, yet admitted on her 2022 campaign website that the public education system in Nevada is “actively harming children.” La Rue Hatch voted against AB400 until it was stripped of all school choice and opportunity scholarship provisions.

Diana Sande told The Globe, “Receiving the endorsement of the CCEA is an honor and a testament to our shared commitment to ensuring every child receives a high-quality education. Together, we will work tirelessly to support students and build a brighter future for Nevada’s education system.”




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