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Lajuana Clark (Photo: Facebook)

Assembly Candidate Arrested For Bank Robbery

Democrat Clark to bank: ‘This is a desperate cry for help’

By Megan Barth, April 19, 2022 7:58 am

Lajuana D. Clark, a Democratic candidate vying to unseat incumbent Assemblywoman Selena Torres (D) in Assembly District 3, was identified as a suspect and arrested on April 16, charged with robbery and burglary of a bank in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

LaJuana Clark was quickly identified because she wrote her name, address and an apology to the bank’s CEO on the note, saying that she “was sorry it came to this,” adding that “this is a desperate cry for help.”

She signed the note as a former Texas banker, police said.

“I may or may not have a ghost gun, but I don’t want to hurt you,” read the note, which was printed in the arrest report.

It went on to say that Clark wanted $888, and that she had been “a victim of a crime and just wanted to be safe,” police wrote in the report. The teller handed her $1,000, police said.

“God will Rise” and “Jayden is the truth” also were written in the note, police said.

Clark was hoping to defeat Democratic Assemblywoman Selena Torres in June’s primary election. (Photo: Twitter)

Police said they found the Jayden phrase on Clark’s Facebook page, and that they had identified that person, but they redacted the identification from the report.

Clark was also in part identified because she had just been in contact with Las Vegas police following an incident at an undisclosed office earlier this month.

After the bank robbery, Clark was apologetic when detectives interviewed her, telling them that she did not “want to hurt anyone,” the report said.

She then wrote an apology note, police said.

Clark filed to run for office on March 21, listing two business entities, of which one is listed with an active license in Nevada as Ms. LaJuana Styles LLC, Nevada Secretary of State records show. She wrote in the filing that her income came from Door Dash and “Professional Services.”

Clark, who was running in the Democratic primary against incumbent Assemblywoman Selena Torres, last week told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she was planning to withdraw from the race.

“I can’t even fathom wanting to serve this state after being a victim of so many horrific (sic) crimes,” she wrote in emails, but didn’t elaborate. “I have nothing left to say… When I speak again the world will know who God truly is.”

A quick scan of Clark’s Facebook page provides details regarding her financial troubles. On April 15th, the day prior to her arrest, Clark wrote:

“You gotta be REMEDIAL as hell to serve me with a unsigned letter that’s not even filled out and my lease is already expired….They never gave me a renewal letter and I’m past due cause RAFT Sent my monies late and didn’t cover the full rent and they won’t produce an eviction notice because then I could get help to get the hell on
I have no lease agreement and the apartments can’t put me out without a constable and the new owner tresspassed me for asking her a question and after she told me to get out she literally walked up on me like she wanted to get the famous Nipsey slap outta me
Guess I’m squatting now cause State Board never sent a renewal for my license but the DMV sent me a letter to renew my registration that literally expires tomorrow….So I guess im going to fetch cans now while the rest look and laugh…
8:46……That is all
This shit ain’t even valid without a signature
Anywho I’m about to eat my WIngstop doordash let me keep for free with payment because some of yall haven’t caught on yet…SMH
Ms. LaJuana Styles LLC est 2018”

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Megan Barth
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