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No Labels, No Candidate For Nevada’s November Ballot

A third party ‘unity ticket’ will not appear on any state ballot for the November 2024 general election

By Megan Barth, April 9, 2024 3:55 pm

In a virtual meeting held last Friday, the No Label’s party announced it did not find a third party candidate for the upcoming general election and will not appear on the Nevada ballot or any state ballot to challenge President Joe Biden or former President Donald J. Trump.

Hoping for a third party “unity” ticket, the group failed to offer an alternative to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who announced in February he would not be seeking a presidential run.

No Labels National Convention Chair Mike Rawlings said that “Americans are hungrier than ever for an alternative,” but the group wasn’t able to find a candidate who “had a viable path to the White House….While this is disappointing, we don’t believe it is the end of our journey,” he said.

Former Missouri Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, who is now working with No Labels, said, “Neither is presenting to us, to America, a vision of unity…the two major candidates are both running divisive campaigns.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Photo: Flickr)

A potential alternative for Nevada voters is Robert F. Kennedy who is running as an independent.

However, in a scoop from CBS news, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may have to scrap the 15,000 signatures his campaign amassed in Nevada to get on the ballot in November for failing to include a Vice Presidential pick on is forms filed with the Secretary of State.

Since that time, Kennedy announced California attorney Nicole Shanahan as his vice presidential candidate and who has donated significantly to Democratic candidates and causes.

According to the Nevada Current:

The Nevada Office for the Secretary of State said it made an error in providing Kennedy with incorrect information on how to qualify, which included having a vice presidential candidate.

The office maintains state law applies to Kennedy’s bid regardless, though the campaign has threatened to sue for access to the ballot.

American Values 2024, the super PAC supporting Kennedy, claims it has collected enough signatures for the independent candidate to appear on the ballot in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and South Carolina and intended on spending an additional $10-$15 million on collecting signatures in other states.

However, the Democratic National Committee “filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Kennedy’s independent presidential campaign and American Values 2024, alleging the two were illegally colluding on ballot access for Kennedy.”

“Given the campaign’s success, we are no longer collecting signatures in any additional states, and will continue to fight the [Democratic National Committee] or [Republican National Committee] when they try to interfere with the constitutional right of American voters who overwhelmingly want independent candidates on the ballot,” the PAC said in a press release earlier this month.




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  1. The Secretary of State has egg on his face again – misinformation to the Kennedy campaign and a form that had no place to put “required “ VP candidate. You wonder if the RFK campaign would have grounds to sue for the extra petition gathering costs?

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