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OPINION: Medicare Advantage Is A Safety Net For Seniors

I ask that our elected officials out in Washington keep our needs top of mind by protecting Medicare Advantage and allocating the funding it deserves

By Diane Smith, March 8, 2024 11:52 am

The last thing you need when navigating a major health episode is the stress of how much treatment will cost to be able to get your health back. I came face to face with this financial burden while receiving treatment for breast cancer fourteen years ago.

My mounting medical expenses would keep me up at night, forcing me to think about what it would cost to get through remission. I am now experiencing complications, but thankfully I’ve enrolled in Medicare Advantage now. It’s been a great decision so far – helping me tackle any medical concern or cost that comes my way. 

As both a senior and cancer survivor, Medicare Advantage is proving to be an asset through this recent health care journey. It’s no secret that treatment for a serious illness or condition can be incredibly expensive. However, plans through the program offer some of the highest quality care on the market at an affordable price that doesn’t add any more financial stress to your plate.

During one of the hardest times in my life, my coverage will help relieve both physical and emotional stress at a price that won’t break the bank, which makes for a much smoother path to recovery. 

Fourteen years after my original treatment, when I first went to see my breast cancer reconstructive plastic surgeon, I couldn’t quite shake the stress of more looming medical bills. Fortunately, with my Medicare Advantage coverage, the visit was only a $20 co-pay, and my deductible is very manageable, allowing me to benefit from expanded coverage sooner.

While Medicare Advantage makes my treatment much more affordable, it also ensures that patients can access top providers in their area at a reasonable cost. The program puts a large emphasis on preventative care, so I know my team of doctors has my best interests in mind to help maintain my long-term health and hopefully lessen my complications over time.

Additionally, many plans have a cap on out-of-pocket costs, which means that access to first-rate doctors, preventative care, and more will never be out of reach.  

Whether you’re dealing with cancer treatment like me or any other unanticipated health issues, Medicare Advantage is an essential resource for us seniors. With comprehensive plans at a price we can actually afford, Medicare Advantage is much more than just government policy; it’s a safety net that helps us stay on top of our health as we age.

Here in Nevada, we have a considerable senior population, so I ask that our elected officials out in Washington keep our needs top of mind by protecting Medicare Advantage and allocating the funding it deserves. 

When it comes time to show formal support for the program, I urge the Nevada delegation to think of my story because I’m just one of over 33 million Americans who rely on Medicare Advantage for virtually stress-free health care. 


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  1. The More options- the better. The HSAs have been eliminated or tamped down I believe. Some people would benefit from that option. (Used in Singapore extensively)

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