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Voters in Clark County, Nevada line up to cast ballots. (Image: Shutterstock)

RNC Launches ‘Bank Your Vote’ To ‘Beat Democrats At Their Own Game’

For the winning edge in 2024, the RNC launches campaign focused on in-person early voting, absentee voting and ballot harvesting

By Megan Barth, June 9, 2023 1:08 pm

The Republican National Committee (RNC), led by Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, held a press conference yesterday to announce “Bank Your Vote,” a nationwide campaign focused on maximizing pre-Election Day voting. Bank Your Vote will encourage, educate, and activate Republican voters on when, where, and how to lock in their votes as early as possible, through in-person early voting, absentee voting, and ballot harvesting.

BankYourVote.com  will encourage voters to pledge to “Bank” their vote, which will activate digital reminders from the RNC on all applicable pre-Election Day voting options. Moving towards the 2024 election, the RNC will partner with state parties and campaigns to create pages outlining pre-Election Day voting processes for the 56 states and territories with links to state government sites where voters can request their ballot directly. NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson has appointed Congressman Byron Donalds to co-chair the effort and NRSC Chairman Steve Daines appointed Senator Bill Hagerty.

“To beat Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2024, we must ensure that Republicans bank as many pre-Election Day votes as possible. The RNC is proud to build on our historic efforts from last cycle and work with the entire Republican ecosystem to reach every state. Banking votes early needs to be the focus of every single Republican campaign in the country, and the Republican National Committee will lead the charge,” said Chairwoman McDaniel.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel speaks at RNC AAPI center in Las Vegas, NV (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

According to the RNC, “Bank Your Vote will leverage the full infrastructure of the RNC and the entire Republican ecosystem:”

  • Digital and Data
    • RNC Data will work in tandem with RNC Digital to strategically target voters who are most likely to vote before Election Day.
    • Combining a multi-channel digital approach along with the RNC’s data-driven ground game, we will target voters for the highest return on investment.
  • Ground Game
    • The RNC’s field operation has made over 300 million volunteer door knocks and phone calls in the last two election cycles.
    • With a nationwide network of trained volunteers, we will activate neighbor-to-neighbor contact to inform and mobilize Republicans.
  • Protect Your Vote
    • Maximizing and expanding the number of early in-person voting locations.
    • The RNC’s Election Integrity operation has over 80,000 team members to protect your vote.
    • In the courts, we will continue to fight against bad ballot harvesting laws while also ensuring that it’s easy to vote and hard to cheat in American elections.
  • Strategic Messaging
    • The RNC, working with the other national committees, will conduct focus groups and message testing on how best to communicate with Republican voters on pre-Election Day voting, equipping Republican leadership and candidates to deliver a unified message nationwide.
    • Maximizing opportunities in addition to traditional media, we will aggressively target young voters on social media platforms and minority voters at our RNC Community Centers.

RNC National Committeewoman of Nevada Sigal Chattah told the Globe:

“I am very excited about the RNC rolling out this program and look forward to working closely with the Chairwoman to utilize new, strategic innovations to mount a forceful challenge to what Nevada Democrats have been doing for years. As a member of the election integrity committee for the RNC, I will personally ensure proper election oversight. I look forward to the race to harvest ballots in order to flip Nevada red.”

During the pandemic, the Democratic majority, without a single Republican vote, ushered in sweeping changes to Nevada’s election laws. Legislation passed in 2021 legalized unlimited ballot harvesting, ballots by mail to all actively-registered voters, and extended deadlines for mail-in ballots. Currently those deadlines extend to four days past election day. This extended deadline has increased skepticism and criticism related to the validity and efficiency of Nevada’s elections.

Democratic leaders, Assm. Steve Yeager, AG Aaron Ford, SOS Cisco Aguilar and Treasurer Zach Conine hold a press conference at the NV state capitol, May 3, 2023 (Photo: Megan Barth for The Nevada Globe)

Republican Governor Joe Lombardo introduced legislation to strengthen Nevada’s voting laws. But, the Democratic majority rejected his proposals and Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford curiously claimed that Voter ID laws are unconstitutional.

In an editorial featured in Townhall, McDaniel notes:

“The fact of the matter is that we no longer have just “Election Day” – we have election seasons, with many states opening their polls for weeks. Republicans saw success in 2022 with absentee voting, early in-person voting, and ballot harvesting.

Now, as we work to protect the House, flip the Senate, and win back the White House in 2024, we are doubling down and making the Bank Your Vote campaign our number one priority.

Republicans continue to oppose bad laws in the courtroom, but we’ll also play by the rules we’re given. We’re turning the full power of our unmatched political ground game, data operation, legal resources, and messaging apparatus towards Banking Your Vote to chase down every ballot.

Not only will we ballot harvest where it’s legal, but we’ll beat the Democrats at their own game.”



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Megan Barth
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4 thoughts on “RNC Launches ‘Bank Your Vote’ To ‘Beat Democrats At Their Own Game’

  1. You obviously don’t get the fact that voting early only gives the Democratic cheaters more time to come up with the number of votes they need to fraudulently insert into the system to win.

  2. I’ve been following activist Scott Presler and an organization called, RethinkGOP.org, both promoting Ballot Harvesting (where legal) and Early Voting to win. So now, the RNC has somehow decided this is the way to go and has their own brand of the same called, Bank Your Vote. But wait! – there’s more to consider: Republican Leaders also need to be up front with those who want to run, again, and say, “No thank you!”. A good example of Republican repeated behavior (expecting a different result) would be Jim Marchant. Three times now, he gets the Republican nomination in the primary and loses in the general. The Republican party needs to recognize this as an epic fail and add to their plan that they must back new, strong candidates that will win — thinking now of a woman vs woman in the US Senate would be a much better choice to win than the older male to get incumbent Cortez-Masto out.

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