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Nevadans Still Waiting Months For Unemployment Benefits

The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation has a backlog of around 24,000 cases

By Megan Barth, August 22, 2022 11:11 am

In a scathing op-ed, the Las Vegas Review Journal (RJ) blasts Governor Steve Sisolak’s and his fellow Democratic legislators for Nevada’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s failure to timely distribute unemployment benefits.

The RJ reports:

If they operated in the private sector, those running Nevada’s unemployment system would have been unemployed long ago.

As the Review-Journal’s Taylor Avery reported recently, many of those seeking jobless benefits have been stuck waiting for months. The Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, which processes unemployment claims, has a backlog of around 24,000 cases, even though the pandemic is in the rearview window. Some of the cases are from October 2021. Having to wait almost a year to receive unemployment benefits defeats the purpose.

It was a political crisis, too. Gov. Steve Sisolak tried to blame Democrats in the Legislature for underfunding the system. In his 2019 recommended budget, however, he proposed reducing unemployment insurance staffing by around 20 percent. An administrator testified that such cuts would leave the department unable “to adequately respond to the next downturn.” Those words turned out to be prophetic.

Gov. Sisolak and legislative Democrats had more than two years to solve this problem, and they didn’t do it. Your government at work.

At the height of the pandemic and Sisolak’s related shutdowns, Nevadas unemployment rate skyrocketed to 28 percent.  Currently, the state’s unemployment rate remains one of the highest rates in the country at 4.7 percent and the state’s current inflation rate recently spiked to 15.4 percent.

“Governor Sisolak has attempted to pass the buck on his failed performance since the beginning of the pandemic,” said RGA Spokeswoman Maddie Anderson. “Over two years later, Nevadans are weary of the constant dysfunction plaguing the state. They need only to look to the top to see where the steady stream of problems is coming from.”


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Megan Barth
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15 thoughts on “Nevadans Still Waiting Months For Unemployment Benefits

  1. I have been unemployed since August.
    I have yet to receive a payment.
    When I last talked with someone, at the end of October, they said they were working on June’s claims.

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  2. apparently nothing has changed. been on unemployment for 6 weeks since getting laid off at the beginning of December 2022. still nevada unemployment department has not processed anything at all! what a bunch of non-working, incompetent idiots. sorry, but it doesn’t take that fing long to process claims. they are all useless!

    1. I absolutely agree I’ve been unemployed just as long and these idiots still haven’t been able to process a claim real simple one too approving for monetary put me in adjudication for health made statements and claims sent them all and I still haven’t gotten it and adjudication date and it’s only 3 million people in this state or is in California if I was unemployed where 20 million people are I would already have the adjudication appointment go figure out that Nevada is a working state right

  3. So from what I’m seeing regarding the ridiculous length of time everyone else is experiencing, I filled my unemployment claim on 11-2-22 and my claim says pending resolution and has since the first week I filed. I finally got through the to a human after calling the number every day only for the automated message to tell me they are taking no more calls and hanging up on me, and the woman I spoke to was so rude and she had no answers for me anyway. She was seemingly annoyed that I even dared to call to inquire why it’s been twelve weeks and nothing has changed with my claim status. Thank god my partner has a full time good paying job to get through this rough time but even with his income we are barely and I mean barely making it! Man I used to be a proud born and raised Nevadan and this state is continually letting me and many others down!! So freaking frustrated!

  4. Nevada should be ashamed! Leaving people moneyless for MONTHS, becoming homeless and having to look for work in other states is outragious! The high inflation of fuel, food and housing is driving people out due to absolutely no income because of an incompetent agency is destroying lives!

  5. Still ‘Pending Resolution’ since 12/17/22.
    I am now homeless and no vehicle due to no money to afford repairs. Thanks Nevada!
    Why hasn’t new Governor put unemployment back on track since Sisolek screwed it all up?!!

  6. I have been unemployed for over a month now. Seeing that there are so many people still waiting to be acknowledged by the unemployment is very disheartening. I’m wondering why Governor Lombardo has not worked on Sissylacks blunders?

  7. I filled my unemployment claim on 1/1/23. Today is 2/26/23 and my claim still says pending resolution and I still haven’t gotten an adjudication date. Truly, having to wait so long to receive unemployment benefits defeats the purpose of it. Being laid off is depressing enough, now this adding a lot more stress when it supposed to be there and available for you in the moments like this, when you need it the most! While searching for a new job, I fell behind on my car payments, rent, and all the other bills. It’s so disappointing and frustrating!

  8. Yet, I know that my file is being looked at each week as pending resolution for School and Training disappears each week before I start a new claim, but related to my job is there since the first week that I filed. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to finish the pending resolution job related at the same time and let me use my benefits when I am so desperate for them!?

  9. I filed back in 11/2022 and still pending resolution. I’lol be starting a new job before I receive my back payments. Nevada is letting so many people through the cracks. All my savings are gone and my family and I are facing eviction.

  10. I filed a claim in December 2022, yet here it is March 11 and still pending / got thru and still waiting for an adjudicator and the lady at unemployment said they have no dates or no one assigned to my case as of yet next week it will be 3 months since filing!! Ridiculous Nevada should be ashamed!!! Thank god I have gotten another job but still want my back pay!!!

  11. it is sad when you work your entire life; get laid off and there is nothing for families except wait…meanwhile, the bills are unpaid, the rent is past due and it is pending for everyone…I am looking for a job, hire me and I will help with getting others what they deserve and pay into.

  12. I filled for unemployment in June 2023. My unemployment was denied for no good reason (the state is probably trying to save some money) I appealed and it is now November 2023 with no indication of it ever coming to a hearing. I have since been evicted from my apartment and I am living on air. Isn’t there anyway to complain to a Federal Agency for Nevada’s pure incompetence?

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