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Democrat Assm. Shondra Summers-Armstrong (AD-6)

NV Dem: ‘Police Are Taught That People Of Color Are Dangerous In a Traffic Stop’

Assm Summers-Armstrong smears the police during SB296 hearing

By Megan Barth, May 9, 2023 11:02 am

Calls for Democratic Assemblywoman Shondra Summers-Armstrong (AD-6) to apologize are increasing over her statement made during a hearing on Senate Bill 296. Assm. Summers-Armstrong has cosponsored SB296 that “prohibits a peace officer from issuing a citation for certain violations relating to registration, license plates, permits for unregistered vehicles and equipment, unless the violation is discovered when the vehicle is halted or its driver is arrested for another alleged violation or offense.”

In the video below, Assm. Summers-Armstrong claims that “black and brown people get pulled over for this stuff more than anybody else and we are the ones in danger. Police are taught that we are dangerous in a traffic stop and often come to the situation with heightened response and it’s dangerous for us.”

To note, claims made by the public during legislative hearings must be substantiated by documentation provided by the public to the legislature. We have reached out to Assm. Summers-Armstrong for substantiation and comment and will provide and update if received.

Email to Assm. Summers-Armstrong from Megan Barth, Editor of TNG (Photo: Megan Barth)

John Abel, Director of Governmental Affairs for the Las Vegas Police Protective Association told The Globe: “No where in the academy curriculum or field training to be a police officer are we ever taught to fear people of color. I believe Assemblywoman Summers-Armstrong owes the men and women in law enforcement an apology for her inflammatory comments that will only make our job more dangerous. She is an elected state assemblywoman, so her words hold weight especially when said on the record in a committee hearing.”

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Megan Barth
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3 thoughts on “NV Dem: ‘Police Are Taught That People Of Color Are Dangerous In a Traffic Stop’

  1. Thiis ladies comments are absurd and divisive at face value. Unless she can provide verifiable proof, not innuendo or rumor, she should immediately resign for race-baiting and spreading lies.

  2. Suicide by cop attempt survivor and they proved me wrong on what I was taught… that’s why I’m alive says:

    WE, meaning myself, my adult children and many people I’ve known throughout 48 years in gratitude of life.. WE were taught this narrative. When it’s drilled into your head from a youngster, when you are taught to be fearful. And when you react stupid, freeze or flee… because you’ve been taught that they are the ones against you, for generations.

    So many generations have been taught this way. Paralyzed with fear over cops. The constant airing by the media for decades. Scaring us into compliance of the narrative, and not into complying on everyday matters that can occur.

    The MAN is democrats, has been all along. Evil and vile as well as a powerhouse impacting generations and still at it.

    They are experts at creating boogeymen, drill it into your mind, the media follows suit and if you don’t have different points of view portrayed, then they have got you for life. No matter what is factual.

    The MAN and the boogeyman has been the perfect perpetrators ALL along. Democrats Poison. You keep teaching that the police are dangerous, then the people react out of fear, like it’s a Saber Tooth Tiger attack and is not rational.

    Gives more for the democrats since the 1990’s and racist people who don’t understand, that regular citizens have been brainwashed since super young to be afraid. Infused PTSD, before bad things may have even happened in one’s life.

    Saturation of victimhood and fear, when going to the penny candy store.

    That’s why you see more of fight or flee vs fawn. And people will say, why didn’t the person comply? Those who highlight with their racebaiting generational trauma and misinformation are no good or don’t know that they are perpetually influential on all sides.

    If both sides are taught untruths, then the outcomes will be the same. Time to look at the pushers of divisive rhetoric and training generations of fearfulness.

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