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Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak at College of Southern Nevada, June 22, 2021. (Photo: Department of Labor/Ronda Churchill)

Independents Day: Polling shows majority of Independents have unfavorable view of Governor Sisolak

Gov’s 52% unfavs reveals him upside down with the group that could decide state’s top race

By Megan Barth, October 7, 2021 4:35 am

For the first time in Nevada history, a majority of registered voters identify as non partisan.  These independents comprise about 35% of registered voters and they aren’t too happy with Govenor Steve Sisolak’s handling of the pandemic. Across the board, with the exception of female and hispanic voters, Governor Sisolak is trailing his two top challengers: Dean Heller and Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

Dean Heller (deanheller.com)

In a recent poll of 4oo independents, conducted between September 15-22,  41.5% indicated they would be more likely to vote GOP in 2022 compared with 38.1 percent more likely to vote Democrat. In the governors race, these Independents give Dean Heller and Sheriff Joe Lombardo a slight lead or a tight race. Heller polls at 42.3 to 42.1 against Sisolak. and Sheriff Lombardo trails Sisolak 39.6% to 44.7 %.

Additionally, 52% of Independents had an unfavorable view of Governor Sisolak, compared to 24% for Lombardo and 28% for Heller.

50% of Independents had a negative opinion of Sisolak’s handling of the pandemic.  However, 59% favored mask mandates and 50% favored vaccine mandates.

Joe Lombardo, Republican candidate for governor. (Photo: joelombardofornv.com)

Among male voters, Heller and Lombardo both led Sisolak by 17 points. Among Latinos/hispanics, Sisolak led by more than 30 points.

“Sisolak held strong advantages among female, Hispanic and young non-major party voters — groups that tend to lean Democratic”

Sisolak carried an 18-point lead over Heller (49.9 percent to 31.9 percent) with women, but Lombardo polls stronger with 37,3%

According to this poll, Sisolak is not as safe as a Democratic incumbent with a Democratic majority may expect.  Due to the rise in registrations amongst non partisan voters, Sisolak can not rely on his  incumbency to be reelected.  Sisolak’s handing of the pandemic is hurting him in the polls with Independents,  and this polling may cause him to shift course. As the numbers of Covid cases continue to fall, Sisolak must respond accordingly, to prevent a further fall in his polling numbers.





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